Human rights case against Dr Nicola Brink thrown out

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A case against Guernsey's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Nicola Brink, and the island's government over the Bailiwick's isolation rules has been dismissed.

Dr Stephen Bridgman, who is Dr Brink's predecessor, brought the challenge to the Royal Court claiming his quarantine on return from New Zealand was a breach of his human rights.

The hearing lasted no longer than five minutes during which Judge Fooks said: “I have spent a lots of time considering very carefully the submissions made by Advocate Grange and Dr Bridgman but I have made a decision.”

Under the current border restrictions, Dr Bridgman has to isolate because he was vaccinated in New Zealand.

Vaccinations outside the Common Travel Area are not recognised in Guernsey. 

He also travelled through Singapore, Heathrow and Gatwick before landing in the Bailiwick.

He arrived on the island from the UK which is classed as a Category 4 region, the highest alert classification.

Appeared in court via a video link while in self-isolation, he argued that he poses a low risk as Singapore and New Zealand are both green areas under the UK’s travel rules.

Dr Bridgman said this was an important issue not only for himself, but other Guernsey residents in the same situation.

Dr Brink gave evidence about the reasoning why he was not allowed to avoid isolation.