Thunderstorms and gales expected across Channel Islands

After beautiful, very hot conditions, islanders can expect a dramatic contrast in weather this evening (23 July).

Throughout the course of today, the sunshine has been replaced by cloud and thunderstorms brewing to the south west.

More than 20,000 lightning strikes have been observed to the south west of France in just a few hours and this system will move east across France, and northwards, over the Channel Islands in the coming hours.

Some showers and possibly thunderstorms are expected from late afternoon across the islands, but then the more significant weather arrives at around 6pm.

Strong to gale force winds, with an orange wind warning - gale force eight - gusts up to 55mph, hail, heavy rain and thunder and lightening can all be expected between 6pm and midnight (23 July).

Please ensure gazebos, and tents are secure, and moorings are checked.

The conditions ease a little into Saturday and we will wake to sunshine, but further thundery showers are expected on Saturday afternoon.

Sophie has the full forecast here, or follow her on Twitter for more updates throughout the day.