Struggling Jersey firms appeal for government grants to save hardest hit

A struggling catering business in Jersey is appealing to the government for financial support to the hardest hit firms in the industry.

Tony Sargeant, co-owner of Jersey Kitchen in St Peter is warning that his business is "in survival mode" after being hit by Covid-19 restrictions.

Cancellations at Jersey Kitchen has meant six figure losses for the business in the past two months.

He made a desperate plea for government grants to help save his and other firms on the island after the so-called 'Freedom Day' in Jersey has been pushed back until at least September.

Tony revealed that the impact of the situation has been so severe that he's resorted to taking tablets to help him sleep.

Half of Tom De La Haye's jobs were suddenly cancelled this weekend.

He's a bouncy castle specialist from The Party Crew, and after many large events like Liberation Day were scrapped, business waned.

He's had to rely on private bookings which don't bring in as much money.

He would prefer it if firms like his got the chance to do their own risk assessments, rather than follow rigid government rules, which immediately writes off certain attractions.

Ministers are meeting this week to cover options.