Island Lives: From DJs to a retro game YouTuber, meet our fascinating islanders

Island Lives is a series that delves into the wonderful lives of people from across the Channel Islands. Credit: ITV News

As part of our new series, ITV Channel TV is getting to know fascinating islanders with unique hobbies and stories.

From pensioner DJs, to a YouTuber specialising in restoring retro games, Island Lives delves into the wonderful lives of people across the Channel Islands.

  • Island Lives: Part 1

We spoke to Elliot Coll, a 22-year-old Youtuber from Jersey who makes videos about retro games.

  • Island Lives: Part 2

Peter and his wife Linda met 47 years ago through an early form of computer dating. Linda was also the first woman ordained in Guernsey back in 1996.

  • Island Lives: Part 3

Roger Peters aka DJ Silverfox has been discoing for 64 years on the island of Sark.

  • Island Lives: Part 4

Often seen walking the battlements at Elizabeth Castle, Michelle turns into King Charles to educate people about his time in Jersey.

  • Island Lives: Part 5

Jay is a big fan of fishing and foraging - both of which have a huge influence on his cooking.

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