South Asian Heritage Month: Cooking and culture

  • Video report by Iain McBride

As part of ITV Channel's coverage of South Asian Heritage Month we have been to meet culinary experts across the Channel Islands.

Nellie Grays is Alderney's first and only Indian restaurant, which has been going for almost a quarter of a century - and happened by accident.

Head Chef and owner, Matin, was born in Bangladesh and brought up in Lancashire, then came to Jersey to work in hotels.

Matin Miah moved to Jersey in 1996 and opened Nellie Grays. Credit: ITV Channel TV

When he had time off he visited Alderney and fell in love with the island, and it was the locals who convinced him to open up a restaurant.

Bangladeshi cuisine is mainly fish and vegetable based and the dishes at Nellie Grays reflect that culture.

Matin says his own made-up recipes are "very popular" with the people in Alderney.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Meanwhile, Unawatuna in Jersey serves Sri Lankan dishes, skillfully concocted by chef Sudu Gunasekara - who still calls his mum, who lives in Sri Lanka, for tips.

Sudu uses as many fresh ingredients as possible from Jersey to make his dishes, including beetroot, pumpkin and butternut squash, while his mum sends over homemade curry powders from Sri Lanka.