ITV Channel Television bids farewell to Gary Burgess as he retires

One of ITV Channel Television’s longest-serving journalists, Gary Burgess, leaves our screens today (5 August).

Gary is retiring from his role as one of our senior reporters to focus on his own health and wellbeing, nine months after being given a terminal cancer prognosis.

Doctors have told Gary he should be well enough to do the things he wants to do over the next couple of months so he has chosen to retire from work to, in his words, “make memories” with his husband Alan, and close friends and family.

Over the years Gary has developed a reputation for delivering a series of exclusive news stories and original reports, and holding the powerful to account on behalf of viewers.

In a special interview with Jess Dunsdon to reflect on his time at ITV Channel Television, Gary thanked viewers for their support, especially in recent months.

Gary has looked back on his time at ITV Channel TV in an interview with Jess Dunsdon. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Gary began working at ITV Channel TV in May 2011, initially as a reporter in the Guernsey newsroom, before moving to Jersey in March 2012 where he expanded his role to include producing the nightly 6pm programme.

Over the years he has reported from all of the Channel Islands, as well as presenting special programmes and reports from France, the UK, and the 2013 Island Games in Bermuda.

  • WATCH: Jess Dunsdon speaks to Gary Burgess about his retirement...