Increased reporting of seagull dives and attacks in Jersey

There have been increased reports of seagulls diving and attacking people in popular tourist hotspots around Jersey.

But the chair of Jersey's Ornithological section at Société Jersiaise says that the increase attacks are a miss-perception and realistically there is no difference this year compared to any other year.

Mick Dryden says that the issues around seagulls diving at people is partly a human and partly a scientific issue.

Scientifically, gulls are very protective of their young in terms of sourcing food them but Mr Dryden highlighted that birthing rates are down so in real terms there is less out in the wild than we think.

He also explained that seagulls are currently gathered in large groups because they are not breeding.

Humans also play a part in the problem as they leave rubbish or food on the floor so the gulls congregate around to source food for their young.