Food shortages across shops in the Channel Islands

  • Video report by Iain McBride

You might remember earlier this month we reported that the Co-op Grand Marche supermarket in St Helier had been stocked with rows of mostly crunchy Nut cereal after disruption to deliveries.

Whilst it might have amused some shoppers, the sight of bare shelves is something that has been seen across shops in the Channel Islands.

The pandemic and a shortage of lorry drivers in the UK have contributed to the chaos.

But how long is this expected to last?

Tony Sullivan is in the logistics business and runs the Channel Island's biggest suppliers of products to shops and businesses.

The firm was founded 140 years ago but this is proving to be one of their most difficult challenges.

There have been some strains on shops but most are managing to stock their shelves.

In a statement the Co-op said they have had some short term availability issues and are working with their suppliers in the UK to get things back to normal.