Guernsey Post issues commemorative stamps to celebrate life of Prince Philip

Prince Philip (c) PA
Credit: PA Images

Guernsey Post is preparing to release four new stamps to celebrate the life of Prince Philip.

The Duke of Edinburgh passed away at the age of 99 in April.

The Alderney issue stamps, which will be released on 1 September, can be pre-ordered now.

What will the stamps look like?

The four stamps will be released on September 1. Credit: Guernsey Post
  • 50p: An accomplished polo player, Prince Philip is depicted receiving a trophy as Captain of a winning polo team in 1952.

  • 73p: Having completed his initial training for the Royal Navy under the auspice of Best Cadet of his entry, Prince Philip rose quickly through the ranks to become First Lieutenant aboard the destroyer HMS WALLACE in 1942. This photograph was taken in 1947, the same year he was married to Princess Elizabeth.

  • £1.00: The Queen and Prince Philip are pictured enjoying a cricket match together at Highclere Castle in 1958.

  • £1.20: Prince Philip gained his RAF wings in 1953, the same year this photograph was taken. He went on to earn his helicopter wings in 1956 and his private pilot's licence in 1959.

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