Search continues for sunken World War Two plane near Guernsey

We joined scuba divers on the search for the missing wreckage Credit: ITV Channel TV

A scuba diving team has been searching for a sunken World War Two plane near Guernsey.

The Hawker Hurricane crashed off German-occupied Lihou Island on 11 April 1941.

Scottish RAF pilot Robert 'Bobby' Stirling had lost his bearings because of a faulty compass and was running low on fuel while chasing a German bomber over the English Channel.

He managed to parachute to safety before his plane went down and subsequently walked across a Nazi minefield and the Lihou causeway to find shelter.

Lihou Island lies just off Guernsey's west coast Credit: ITV Channel TV

It was after a long walk that he was taken in by a quiet Guernsey couple who helped him in his hour of need.

However, the next morning he was taken away by Hitler's army and put into a prisoner of war camp.

After the war, he returned to Scotland and had a family.

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So far, there has been no sight of the wreckage but experts say they will continue scanning the waters around Lihou.