Deputy Gavin St Pier to explore launching new political party in Guernsey

Deputy Gavin St Pier says he intends to explore the prospect of creating a political party. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey's former Chief Minister says he will explore the possibility of launching a new political party, saying it is the 'inevitable direction of travel' for the island.

Deputy St Pier believes that a 'significant' number of islanders think a 'positive alternative' to the current government is needed.

He suggests he will now look into creating a policy platform which is 'fiscally and environmentally responsible' and 'socially liberal'.

He made the comments as it was announced that the political group to which he currently belongs, the Guernsey Partnership of Independents, will be dissolved less than a year after it was formed.

The group, fronted by Deputy St Pier, registered as a political party ahead of the 2020 General Election. It pitched itself as an assembly of 'independently minded' individuals who will work together to ensure effective government rather than a traditional political party working under a collective manifesto.

The group now feels it achieved its aims, with 10 of its 21 candidates being elected - half of them being women. The Guernsey Partnership also secured almost a quarter of all votes cast.

Deputy Gavin St Pier topped the poll at the first island-wide vote but was later replaced as Chief Minister by Deputy Peter Ferbrache .

In an open letter at the time, Deputy St Pier said he did not inform enough voters that he would require the backing of his fellow candidates in the assembly itself to remain as Chief Minister - and that voting for him alone would not be enough to secure continuity of leadership.