Jersey's draft bridging island plan moves to the next stage

Drone shot of residential area in Jersey
A third of public comments responded to plans to deliver 1,500 affordable homes by 2025. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A draft of Jersey's three-year 'bridging' island plan has moved to the next stage of approval.

The Environment Minister, Deputy John Young, has published a report responding to comments received during a 12-week consultation.

The report has also been submitted to independent planning inspectors, which marks the start of their review and examination of the draft plan.

The plan touches on all areas of island life and is designed to help shape the future development of Jersey.

More than 2,000 comments were received during the consultation - as well as 60 proposed amendments from States Members.

The Minister has responded to all issues raised, but only 37 changes have been adopted in his report.

Over a third of comments addressed proposals to extend La Gigoulande Quarry in St Peter's Valley into a neighboring field, with concerns raised about the impact on the environment.

Based on the 2020 Arup Minerals, Waste and Water study, the report recommends protecting future on-island mineral supplies, which have a lower carbon footprint than imports.

A third of public comments centered on the plans to provide 1,500 affordable new homes by 2025. Suggestions to immediately introduce requirements for private developers to build a certain proportion of affordable homes have been put off until a review is carried out into its viability. Although many people commented that the current targets will not be enough to meet demand, the Minister has said they may already be too ambitious.

Proposals to extend the Coastal National Park received 11% of responses, whilst 7% of all feedback related to the 'Our Hospital' project.

Utilities and strategic infrastructure and minimising waste and environmental risk were the least commented on chapter.The independent inspectors will publish their own report in response to the draft plan this autumn and States members will have another chance to submit amendments.

The final draft will be debated by the States Assembly next spring.