Criticism over lack of first-time buyer units at Jersey's South Hill development

A minimum of 23 of the 150 homes will be deemed affordable - but Senator Sam Mézec says this shows the government's not taking the issue seriously. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Jersey politician has criticised the government's decision to allocate a minimum of 15% of the South Hill development homes to first-time buyers.

Senator Sam Mézec had previously lodged a proposition to ban buy-to-let investors acquiring these properties.

But now, he says only 23 out of 150 homes are deemed affordable - which is too low.

The government's allocation of a minimum of 15% at the new South Hill homes development will be available to first time buyers through a shared equity scheme.

The access and eligibility criteria to the scheme will be established by the Minster for Housing and Communities.

The guidance published by the government also includes that buy-to-let investors have been banned from buying these properties and that steps are taken to provide that the development and the units are structured by the way of a flying freehold.

The guidance published by the government can be found here.