Reports CEO of Belfast City Council set to take on Jersey's CEO job

Belfast Telegraph. Credit: ITV Channel TV.

The Chief Executive of Belfast City Council could be set to take on a top role within Jersey's government.

The Belfast Telegraph has reported that Suzanne Wylie could be in line to take on the Chief Executive role in Jersey.

A job which reportedly comes with a £250,000 salary.

Ms Wylie has made the headlines in Ireland for allowing the funeral of an IRA veteran to take place during the pandemic whilst other cremations on the day were not allowed services at the site.

She since apologised to the families.

The Government of Jersey has refused to comment on the Belfast Telegraph report.

This report comes just days after the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel called on Jersey's Government to delay the appointment of the new CEO until after the next election.

Ms Wylie would replace the former CEO Charlie Parker who resigned from his role in November 2020.

He was given a £500,000 pay off.

An interim CEO, Paul Martin, who was formerly Chief Executive of both the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Richmond upon Thames, took up the post on 1 March on a one-year contract.