Job offer made to new CEO of Jersey

A job offer has been made to a new Chief Executive Officer of Jersey who will replace Charlie Parker who left earlier this year.

The Chief Minister confirmed in a hearing with the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel that interviews had taken place throughout June and July, and that an offer had been made and accepted in late July. He did not confirm the identity of the successful candidate.

It was reported in the Belfast Telegraph that Belfast City Council's CEO Suzanne Wylie could be in line for the role.

Next week the States will debate whether the appointment should wait until after the next election in 2022.

The Chief Minister explained that the offer had been made before that proposition had been lodged. A contract of employment has not been signed.

The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel had recommended that the appointment of a new CEO be delayed until after the next general election in 2022, with a proposition put forward to the States Assembly.

However, the States Employment Board has rejected this idea, saying it has undertaken an 'objective and open competition' for the post of Chief Executive. It adds that facilitating the move would require extending the contract of the interim Chief Executive to double their agreed contract.