Bluefin tuna tagging study underway in Jersey waters

A project has begun to understand the movement and behaviour of bluefin tuna in Jersey waters.

Seven fish have been electronically tagged and can now be tracked in a joint initiative between Marine Resources and the University of Exeter.

Dr Lucy Hawkes, a leading research scientist from the University led the team from Marine Resources to make sure the tagging was done safely, ensuring there was minimum stress to the fish.

Marine Resources, in collaboration with the University of Exeter tagged seven fish using specialised equipment. Credit: ITV Channel

The project will help experts to understand how bluefin tuna behave in our water columns; how deep they dive, how often they feed, and where they choose to spend their time.

The study is funded by the Government of Jersey through the Climate Emergency Fund.

The project is an example of how we can use technology to further understand our waters. Credit: ITV Channel

The tags on five of the fish will collect data for a year before they detach automatically, two further tags will remain on the fish for a two-year period.