Calls for better family support after teenager with Tourette's is removed from school

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Hollie Goodall

The mother of a Jersey teenager removed from school because of his Tourette's Syndrome says more should have been done earlier to keep him in education. 14-year-old Odin is currently off school and has been in and out of education over the last year since his medication has stopped working properly.

The combination of his Tourette's Syndrome, along with autism and ADHD, can at times cause him to have fits and leave him unable to move.

The family is now waiting for a Record of Needs to be prepared so that Odin can apply to an ARC school for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

His mother believes poor communication between the school and Child and Adolescent Mental Health services caused unnecessarily delays which meant Odin has missed out on his education.

Since his diagnosis Mandy says she has felt a distinct lack of practical and emotional support from State services.

She has resorted to her own research to find alternative therapies, and has found improvements in his condition through playing music and limiting his exposure to direct light.

A just giving page has raised over £7,000 for Odin's dog and the family are now looking for a specialist trainer.

The family have now successfully fundraised for a therapy dog which they believe will help Odin to control his ticks.

A spokesperson for the Government of Jersey says there is considerable support available to families.

Mandy believes more support should be available to help young people and their families throughout the process.