Surf's up! BLOG by Sophia Bird

It seems like ages since the surf was good enough to entice people into the water, and long last it has finally arrived.

For the last 3 weeks (and more!) the surf has been very disappointing, but this morning a low swell crept in, and for the next couple of days we should see something surfable! Maybe not for the pros, but at least a bit of a wave!

Apparently, rumour has it that, this has been the longest consecutive period of calm sea conditions, for around 13 years! Not sure that's something to shout about though for the surfing community.

Today, with schools back, and a handful of islanders and late holiday makers enjoying the beach, there were a few people out in St Ouen, but this weekend I'm sure there will be a mad rush to get to the beach!

If surfing is not your bag, and a swim is more your style, well the sea temperature can't get any higher and has just about peaked this year, to 18.4 degrees.

The RNLI ask you to give them a wave or pop up to see them (next to El Tico) if you are heading out, particularly as a beginner.

St Ouens or St Brelade beach continue to have lifeguards still on duty until the end of next weekend (26th September).

Plemont and Greve de Lecq no longer have open RNLI lifeguards on the beach.

The big message, as always from the RNLI, is to make sure you tell someone you are going out into the water please!

As for the forecast, well today (Thursday) was pretty decent, but sadly the weekend isn't looking as dry or sunny.