Jersey Government confirms new CEO is Belfast Council boss Suzanne Wylie

Suzanne Wylie will start the role in February 2022. Credit: Government of Jersey.

Jersey's government has confirmed its new Chief Executive Officer is going to be Belfast City Council boss Suzanne Wylie.

She will become the Head of Public Service in February 2022 and will replace the interim CEO Paul Martin, and will be the first woman to have the job.

She has held the position of CEO of Belfast City Council since 2014 after becoming the first woman in the role.

There reports Mrs Wylie would take on the role in the Belfast Telegraph earlier in September.

However, the Government of Jersey has now (Monday 20 September) confirmed her appointment.

Jersey's Government has said Mrs Wylie is married with three grown-up children.

She will be moving to Jersey with her husband and two dogs - receiving a standard relocation allowance of £3,000.

Mrs Wylie will be on licensed status and earn a £250,000 salary. She will also be on the usual government pension.