Scrutiny Panel calls for lower budget for Jersey's new hospital project

  • Video report by Iselin Jones

A Scrutiny panel has put forward a bid to reduce the budget for Jersey's new hospital at Overdale.

The Future Hospital Review Panel has lodged an amendment calling for a cap of £550 million on the project - some £250 million less than the government's original budget.

Any further funding would have to be requested from and approved by States members.

The Panel say there is 'significant public desire for the scale and size of the project to be curbed.'

If approved, the amendment would also limit the maximum amount that could be borrowed to fund the project to £400 million.

Senator Kristina Moore, who leads the panel, says the project has 'ballooned'.

ITV News has approached the Government of Jersey for a response.

The costings for the project will be debated by politicians on Tuesday 5 October.