Designers reduce size of Jersey's new hospital

An aerial view of stage 3 of the hospital.
An aerial view of Jersey's new hospital under the third stage of the plans. Credit: Government of Jersey

Designers of Jersey's new hospital have reduced its size by 4000 square meters as well as reducing its height.

The hospital is about half a football pitch sized smaller in new plans published today (Friday 24 September), which now show the facility with an area of 69,000 square meters. The project team says it will hold the same capacity.

The height of the building has also been reduced in an effort to make it less imposing on Westmount Hill.

A view of the hospital from Westmount Road Credit: Government of Jersey

The project's lead Senator Lyndon Farnham says the changes will ensure the project comes within its £804 million budget, which some argue is far too excessive.

These updates have come from various feedback and engagement sessions with islanders.

However, the Friends of Our Hospital pressure group is wanting the States to adopt the amendment put forward by The Future Hospital Review Panel, capping spending on the project at £550 million.

Other changes from the stage 2 plans include:

  • Increased amounts of landscaping, especially in residential areas

  • The Mental Health Centre becoming one-story rather than two

  • Continuing to work on a solution to parking at the Pet Cabin

  • The approach to the hospital on Westmount Road and St Aubin's Road will include more trees and will become a 20mph zone

  • A announcement is expected soon on the relocation of the Jersey Bowls Club

  • Inclusion of more courtyards around the main building for patients and staff to access

  • Scrapping the carapase roof from the stage two plans

Debate still remains at what the hospital should cost. Credit: Government of Jersey

The project is due to be completed by 2025 and will open by the end of 2026.