People in Guernsey reminded to keep kerbside bags clean and free of food waste

A man sorting through GSY recycling.
The last study into recycling on the island took place in 2019. Credit: ITV Channel TV

People in Guernsey are being reminded to keep their kerbside recycling bags clean and free of food remnants to maintain the island's strong recycling record.

It comes as a recent study completed by Guernsey Waste found issues with contamination and whether islands are clear as to what item should and should not go into their bags.

The survey analysed more than 700 recycling bags and found 15% of kerbside contents were items which should not have been placed within blue bags. On the whole, clear bags were found to be contamination free.

Since the last study in 2019, there has been a large increase in corrugated cardboard which has doubled, making up around 20% of the total weight.

Guernsey Waste have five top tips:

  • Tissues and paper towels are unsuitable for recycling and should be disposed of in general waste

  • When recycling food containers, be sure to scrape any leftovers into your food waste caddy, before giving them a quick rinse

  • Make sure aerosols are empty before putting them into your bag

  • Clean polythene and bubble wrap should go to Longue Hougue Household Waste & Recycling Centre, not in blue bags

  • Before recycling food trays and tubs, peel off any lid completely and pop that in the blue bags