Jersey lifeguards withdraw from St Ouen and St Brelade's Bay

The charity uses a staggered approach to lifeguarding beaches across the winter. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Lifeguards are completing their last patrols at St Ouen and St Brelade's Bay in Jersey today (26 September).

The RNLI is scaling back its services for the winter when visitor numbers tend to drop, having already ended them at Plémont and Greve de Lecq.

They will, however, continue at Le Braye at weekends throughout October and every day during half term (23-31 October).

RNLI advice for staying safe in the water:

  • Take a phone: Kayakers and paddleboarders are recommended to keep a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch so that they can make a call for help if they run into trouble.

  • Wear the right kit: Wearing a wetsuit and buoyancy aid or life jacket can help keep sea-goers warm and safe while on the water.

  • Acclimatize: Getting into the water slowly will reduce the risk of cold water shock.

  • Be visible: Wearing a brightly coloured swimming hat or carrying a fluorescent float.