Politician slams Faroe Islands' 'barbaric tradition' after dolphin slaughter and calls for boycott

  • Video report by Hollie Goodall

Jersey's Deputy Chief Minister has slammed the Faroe Islands for its "barbaric tradition" of killing dolphins and will be asking the Island Games Association to boycott the country.

It comes after almost 1,500 dolphins were killed during an annual hunt.

Faroe Islands dolphin hunt. Credit: AP.

The hunt took place in the Faroe Islands, an archipelago between Iceland and the UK, earlier this month says marine conservation charity, Sea Shepherds.

Senator Lyndon Farnham said he is in "disgust" and "shock" condemning the island's actions as "abhorrent".

He explained he will be writing to the Island Games Association to ask them to "consider very carefully the future participation of the Faroe Islands until they stop this barbaric tradition".

Jersey's Sports Minister also slammed the island for its actions and he too wants the Channel Islands to boycott the Faroe Islands from the Island Games.

Deputy Hugh Raymond says Jersey and Guernsey should use their position within the Island Games Association to carry out the boycott. However, he has no legal right to call for this motion.

  • Hugh Raymond, Jersey Assistant Sports Minister says this should not be happening

Last week a further 52 dolphins were slaughtered on the Faroe Islands just days after a record number were killed during a hunt, the marine conservation charity said.

  • Sue Vidamour of Animal Aid Guernsey says these acts are 'an absolute disgrace'

The Guernsey animal charity is also against the hunt of the dolphins and says its getting worse. They say that hunting of dolphins is wrong and that something needs to be done to stop it.