Guernsey Water install second water refill station at KGV

A mock image of what the water stations could potentially look like.
Its hoped that this station will cut down the use of single use plastics. Credit: Guernsey Water

Guernsey Water have installed a second water refill station at KGV to the one already place at Liberation Monument in St Peter Port.

It is hoped people will refill their reusable bottles at the station rather than buying disposable water in plastic bottles.

It a part of the wider series of refill station being rolled out by the company across the island.

KGV was picked as a location as it was out of town with a high number of people passing through the area using the sporting and recreational facilities.

It is hoped that in the long run it will reduce the single use plastics in the island.

Businesses are invited to participate and sign up with Refill Guernsey here.

More information can be found by downloading the app to locate your nearest refill point here.