Guernsey's Head Of Law Enforcement says Sarah Everard murder was 'abhorrent'

Sarah Everard was murdered on the evening of March 3, 2021. Credit: PA

Guernsey Police have issued a statement which says the murder of Sarah Everard was 'abhorrent' and 'repugnant'.

Ruari Hardy, Head of Law Enforcement at Guersey Police believes it is understandable many people are now questioning police services "on behaviours and attitudes towards women and girls".

He added: "It is absolutely right that all police services, including us in Guernsey, are challenged on the issue of violence and intimidation against women and girls".

In a statement Guernsey Police says more needs to be done, within our society as a whole, to ensure the safety and respect of women and girls.

They have recently organised a Community Advisory Group (CAG) meeting where the issue was widely debated by a cross section of the community.

Guernsey Police's statement follows a similar one from the States of Jersey Police last week.

Sarah Everard was murdered on the evening of 3 March 2021 by former police officer Wayne Couzens.