First ever Asian hornet's nest find in Herm safely removed

A Asian Hornet hanging around.
Active nests have been found as late as October so there is still time to find them in the environment. Credit: ITV Channel TV

An Asian hornet's nest has been successfully treated and removed from a bramble bush in Herm.

It's the first ever to be found on the island and was located just inland from Belvoir beach.

A special team had already been investigating on Herm following reports of hornet sightings at different places around the island.

A section of the footpath was section off 45 metres from the Kiosk at Belvoir Beach to allow them to treat and remove the nest safely.

In 2021, two primary nests and one secondary nest have already been found across the Bailiwick.

The States of Guernsey want members of the public to report suspected sightings to or telephone 07839 197082.