Channel Islands Governments reassure islanders the electricity won't be cut off

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Alexandra Spiceley

Governments across the Channels Islands have reassured islanders they will have still have electricity throughout the winter despite French threats to pull the plug on the electric supplies.

Tensions have escalated since Jersey granted over 140 licenses, but refused 75 applications last week, whilst the UK Government granted 12, but refused 45.

French fishing vessels had blockaded St Helier's harbour in protest over the fishing licensing agreement earlier this year with the French maritime threatening to cut the power off back in May.

But, the French Minister for Europe, Clement Beaune has recently suggested that now could be the time for action.

Speaking to a French radio station Mr Beaune implied that the Channel Islands were dependent on energy supplies and therefore could be used as a bargaining chip.

Jersey government say the supplies will not be stopped and the threats are 'disproportionate'.

Similarly, Guernsey has plans in place should there by any issues with the power supply.