Climate Series: How can we reduce food waste?

  • Video Report by ITV Channel's Richard Pallot

We have wonderful homegrown produce across the Channel Islands but this only accounts for 10% of the food consumed within our islands.

The cost of food is often higher here because it has been imported, but so is its carbon footprint. It is important to remember that when food is wasted the energy to grow, harvest and transport the produce is too.

Olio is a food sharing app which makes sure produce near to its sell by date is still consumed and not thrown away.

Volunteers take items from local supermarkets, post them on the app, and then people can request to have the produce for free. Often food is requested within a matter of minutes.

Richard following Karly, a Olio volunteer. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Key facts on food wastage:

Chef Radu Dan uses end of date ingredients to make healthy and nutritious meals and to minimise waste.

Richard speaking with Chef Radu Dan to see how we can take food waste and repurpose it. Credit: ITV Channel TV

These are a couple of top tips to cut down on food wastage:

  • Reduce impulse buying

  • Plan your weekly meals

  • Shopping lists help reduce impulse buys

  • Find a use for everything

  • Trim off parts of vegetables and fruit which have gone off, and use the rest

You can find more tips and advice from chef Radu Dan here.