Herm ferry row reaches stalemate

  • Video Report by ITV Channel's Katherine Levy

The owner of Travel Trident was left "horrified, dumbstruck and insulted" after a recent contract offer he received from Herm island's CEO.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, Herm island cancelled all services with Travel Trident, which director Peter Wilcox said was 'understandable and expected'.

The current contract between them ended in October 2018 but loose arrangements remained in place.

However, by August 2020, both parties agreed that discussions needed to take place to draw up a new contract . Mr Wilcox suggested that Craig Senior, the CEO of Herm island, draw up a proposal. However, when he received it, Mr Wilcox said he was left "horrified, dumbstruck and insulted" by the offer.

Currently, there is no contract on the table, but Craig Senior, CEO of Herm Island says he is happy to sit down and discuss terms with the Mr Wilcox.