'War on the water': Jersey fishermen 'won't sit back' under second French blockade

  • Reaction from Don Thompson, President of Jersey's Fishing Association

The President of Jersey Fishermen's Association has warned that French vessels will face 'war on the water' if they attempt another protest at the island's ports.

Don Thompson says members of the island's fleet have told him they 'won't sit back' if confronted with another attempted blockade.

It comes after Jersey's government announced it would not be granting licences to 75 French boats, angering officials in Brittany and Normandy.

Tensions have run high between the island and France over fishing rights, with warnings from French politicians that they could cut off the power supply to the Channel Islands over the issue.

Jersey's government has described the threats as 'disproportionate,' saying islanders should not be concerned and that contingency plans are in place should the worst happen.

Mr Thompson says the issue has been 'politicised, with the majority of French fishermen 'content' with the arrangements.

In May, British Navy boats were sent to 'monitor the situation' around the island when French vessels attempted to blockade St Helier's harbour.