Do you have what it takes to become an on-call firefighter in Jersey?

Jersey is on the hunt trying to find at least half a dozen on-call firefighters. Any new recruit is expected to have all the same personal qualities of a full time 'on-duty' firefighter, and will be trained to the same high standards. There are currently 35 on-call firefighters within Jersey's Fire and Rescue Service, but they are looking to recruit six more.

There are currently 35 on call firefighters within Jersey's Fire and Rescue Service. Credit: ITV Channel

On-call firefighters are involved in:

  • Fighting fires

  • Supporting people in serious road traffic collisions and other rescue situations

  • Dealing with chemical spills

  • Offering advice on fire safety to homes and businesses

  • Giving careers advice to schools

  • Delivering fire safety training

New recruits are expected to pass a number of training drills before becoming a fully fledged on-call firefighter. Credit: ITV Channel

Training includes:

  • Climbing up the ladder in full fire kit

  • Cutting the roof/doors off a vehicle and rescuing the casualties inside

  • Putting on full fire kit/breathing apparatus and going into the smoke house

  • Fire hose run

  • Dummy drag (rescuing unconscious casualty)

If you are interested in becoming an on-call firefighter, follow Jersey's Fire & Rescue Facebook Page for updates on the latest recruitment drive.