BLOG: Sophia visits the Minquiers to see seawall development

This week our crews have been lucky enough to get to the Minquiers - a set of rocks and islands 15km south of Jersey.

The land forms part of the Balliwick of Jersey and is administered by the parish of Grouville.

The ITV Channel crew visiting the Minquiers. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The land is renowned for its spectacular sandbank which is best seen at low tide - and at high tide, only a small sets of rock which house 10 privately owned huts can be seen.

The Minquiers from above. Credit: ITV Channel TV

During the visit we had the chance to catch up with the team working to repair a major seawall.

Throughout the year, wind and waves batter the island - which, overtime, has seen significant erosion take hold of the wall protecting the huts.

But, the repair involves an unusual construction.

To make sure the wall looks in keeping with the surroundings, whilst maintaining longevity, it's been specially designed with stone pre-cast in concrete.

The locally made blocks can then be maneuvered by crane and placed on steel rods to provide 100 years of protection.

Builders on the seawall at the Minquiers. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The small group of houses on such a remote location is not the only interesting thing about the islands. There is also a helipad which was built decades ago and remains in place.

Also, the Minquiers boasts the most southerly toilet in the British Isles! The toilet doubles up as a navigational mark for vessels, many of which are challenged by the sea conditions when trying to enter the tiny harbour.

Conditions were calm on the day we visited, yet the skills of the skipper to enter the tiny harbour were impressive.

The outcrops of rocks remain visible, showing engravings of men who once quarried the granite (some of which was used to build Fort Regent in Jersey).

The Minquiers is a unique site, renowned for its collection of rocks, sandbanks and peaceful conditions. And thanks to the work being done, it will will provide an escape for those seeking a taste of paradise for years to come.