Digital Covid-19 passports now available for islanders in Jersey

Over 80 person getting vaccine. PA Images
Credit: ITV Channel TV

Digital Covid-19 passports are now available for people who were vaccinated in Jersey.

They provide evidence that islanders have been fully-jabbed against coronavirus.

Those eligible will be able to display their Covid Status Certificate as a QR code when travelling abroad.

The codes will be valid for 30 days.

To access one, islanders must be registered to YOTI on their mobile phones and have a OneGov account.

Anyone who does not have access to a mobile or the internet should contact the Government of Jersey for help.

Islanders are reminded to always check the Covid-19 policies of the country they are travelling to.

The ability for islanders to save their certificate on their smartphone, for use when devices are offline, is still being developed.

For now, islanders may request a PDF to be emailed to them via OneGov.

QR codes to prove people have had both their Covid-19 vaccine doses will be introduced in Guernsey on Friday 22 October.