Jersey's daily lifeguard patrols return to Le Braye for half term

Jersey RNLI lifeguards will continue their daily lifeguard service on Le Braye between 23 and 31 October. Credit: ITV Channel TV.

Jersey's lifeguards will return to their daily patrols on Le Braye to keep islanders safe in the water over the half term holidays.

From today (Saturday 23 October), patrols will be in operation each day to ensure that surfers, swimmers and other beach-goers do not get into difficulty.

In the summer, the lifeguards are spotted on four beaches across Jersey as more people head to the beach.

However, in cooler months the lifeguards start to reduce their service with islanders being warned to stay safe especially when there are rip currents.

People are being urged to know their limits, take note of safety signs on the beach and swim between the red and yellow flags.