'Guernsey's Own' RAF squadron collects Standard from island

An RAF squadron dubbed 'Guernsey's Own' have come back to the island to collect the Standard.

At a formal ceremony at Government House, representatives of 201 Squadron, based at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, accepted the Standard which had been kept in Guernsey for safe keeping in the hope that one day the Squadron would return.

For the members of the Squadron, it was an opportunity to celebrate their historical ties with the island which date back to 1939.

Ordinarily, the Standards of Squadrons which are stood down would be held at RAF Cranwell but 201 Squadron were afforded the special privilege of keeping theirs at Guernsey's Government House.

After it was initially disbanded in 2011, the Squadron has now been 'stood up' again at the base in Moray, where nine RAF Poseidon patrol craft will be based.

Earlier this year, one of those crafts was named 'Guernsey's Reply' in honour of a Guernsey-born pilot who served in the Squadron during World War Two.

Herbert Machon gave that name to his Mk XIV Spitfire during the conflict in honour of those enduring hardship under German Occupation at home.

hFollowing his passing in 2004, members of 201 Squadron were pallbearers at his funeral.