One off work permit extension given to Jersey hospitality workers

  • VIdeo Report by ITV Channel's Hollie Goodall

Jersey's government has announced a one-off exception to foreign workers on temporary permits.

Under the new plans workers will be able to stay for longer and it is hoped that this move will ease the pressure on the hospitality sector.

It's after ministers agreed to a one-off exception to the Immigration Work Permit Policy.

This will apply to anyone who is currently on a nine month hospitality permit or whose start date is on or before 1 May 2022.

Previously, the government had introduced a temporary work permit for construction workers (January 2021).

However, there will be no major changes to the policy until the government has had a chance to examine the data when Jersey's economy is fully up and running.

The Jersey Hospitality Association says that it is a step in the right direction and it hopes that the evidence from the data will provide more permanent solutions.

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The Minister for Home Affairs, Deputy Gregory Guida, has announced an exception to the Immigration Work Permit Policy. This will allow migrant workers from outside the Common Travel Area, who are working in the hospitality sector, to remain beyond the existing nine- month temporary seasonal permission. 

The permit extension will allow an additional nine months, to run consecutively to the original permit, without the requirement for the holder to leave Jersey for three months in between.

The Minister has approved this one-off exception for anyone currently on a nine-month hospitality work permit, or whose start date is on or before 1 May 2022.

There will be no substantive changes to the Work Permit Policy and the issue will be further examined when reliable data is available on all aspects of Jersey’s market.

The Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture, Senator Lyndon Farnham, said: “This move will help to address a challenge which is being faced by the industry, but extending work permits by another 9 months is only an interim measure. “All hospitality employers will have this option available to them and I’m grateful to the Jersey Hospitality Association and Jersey Business, who are working hard with the Jersey Customs and Immigration Service to find solutions that will assist the Island in the longer term.”

The Work Permit Policy provides that, where it can be demonstrated that labour cannot be found from within the Common Travel Area, a business case can be submitted to the Minister for Home Affairs for consideration of an amendment to the policy.

This process is available to employers in all sectors, and such applications must be robust.

The Minister previously (in January 2021) approved the introduction of a new temporary work permit for construction workers, following a business case submitted by the Jersey Construction Council. This one-off exception to hospitality work permits was agreed following a business case prepared by the Jersey Hospitality Association.

All those in the Island who are not British or Irish require an immigration permission to work. If a person does not hold settled or pre-settled status then employers must apply for an Immigration Work Permit to employ them. Employers must ensure they have the necessary ‘registered’ permissions available on their Business Licence before applying for immigration work permits.

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