Week-old seal pup washes ashore in Jersey following Storm Aurore

The washed up seal pup in Jersey.
Credit: JSPCA

A week-old sea pup has been washed ashore in Jersey after Storm Aurore swept across the island.

It's believed to be the first orphaned grey seal pup to have landed this year.

According to the JSPCA, a local dog walker saw the seal struggling on the rocks at La Pulente beach in St Ouen on Saturday (23 October).

After initial examinations the JSPCA presumed that the week old pup had been washed off the rocks where she had been born and was then taken away by the current.

The team stayed and monitored the area for the female adult seal in the hope she may have been nearby.

The medical teams taking the seal pup away for treatment. Credit: JSPCA

The pup named Aurore, after the storm, was taken away by a local vet to complete further assessments and provide her with vital fluids.

After a couple of days when the Aurore had stabilized she was moved to marine mammal medics at the Jersey harbour before going onto the care of the GSPCA.