Final entrance to Batterie Moltke in Jersey uncovered after 50 years underground

The final entrance to Batterie Moltke in Les Landes in Jersey has been unearthed by the Channel Islands Occupation Society.

The World War Two fortification was built by the Nazis during the Occupation in 1941.

In 1979, work began to restore parts of Batterie Moltke to what it once would have looked like.

Since that work started; gun emplacements, bunkers, and barracks have been repaired to help tell the story of Jersey's Occupation.

Bunker 4 at Batterie Moltke would have comprised of 100m of passages and accommodated 27 men. Credit: ITV Channel

The most recent excavation was the final entrance to Batterie Moltke at Bunker 4.

The entrance had been left buried since 1967, after islanders filled them with rubble and debris to help forget what happened during the Occupation, but as years have gone by researchers have realised the historical significance of these sites and the importance of retaining them

The recently opened entrance at Bunker 4 was the final piece of the jigsaw left to be uncovered.

The final entrance had been buried for more than 50 years and has finally been unearthed. Credit: ITV Channel