Grease Jersey Youth Production finally staged after a two year Covid-19 delay

The stage and cast of Grease.
The cast rehearsing on the stage before the grand opening. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The cast of 'Grease' from Jersey Youth Performing Arts Club (JYPAC) finally got the chance to perform on stage two years after the whole production process began.

JYPCA begun their auditions and preparations for the show over two years ago but only this week get the opportunity to get on stage and perform a full rehearsal.

Members of the cast said they were 'nervous' but 'excited' to get the performances underway.

  • Members of the cast give their reaction to finally getting on the stage

During the coronavirus delay the cast members faced various challenges including rehearsals on zoom and relearning all the songs and dance moves.

Even when restrictions were eased and the team could meet in smaller groups, it was delayed further by members unfortunately catching Covid-19.

  • Director Rhona Richards explains how JYPAC are working to accommodate everyone

JYPCA want to make theatre and the arts more inclusive for all, whether that is participating or watching. People in this performance come from a wide range of backgrounds.

They are also doing a sign language show to make the shows accessible to people with hearing impairments.