How is climate change affecting the Channel Islands?

  • Video report by Sophia Bird

Is it getting hotter, wetter or windier? Are sea levels rising?There is no doubt the Channel Islands are experiencing global heating.

Proof alone can be seen from the climate change stripes which are visible to everyone traveling into St Helier.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Temperatures are rising - the cool blue stripes to the warmer red, are clear to see with the warmest year on record, recorded in 2014, with the second warmest recorded just last year.

Seven of the 10 hottest years on record have happened since 2000, and for the first time in 2003 we recorded 36 degrees in Jersey, and then again in 2019.Rising Sea levels are also of note, along with rainfall: seven of the last 10 years have been wetter than average.

On average we can expect an annual total rainfall, more than 100mm above that of 90 years ago.

All the weather data from Jersey Met shows changes are happening and the Channel Islands are also experiencing global heating.