Jersey fisherman creates sculpture in response to France row

A Jersey fisherman has created a sculpture which he hopes will pressure the island's politicians to take a firmer stance against France in the ongoing row over post-Brexit permits.

Phill Channing's creation, called "Will I be the last Jersey fisherman standing?", is on display at Fisherman's Quay in St Helier.

The life-sized, hand-welded sculpture has been made out of recycled stainless steel and Phill says he "wanted to do it for some time".

Phill says he has "loads of friends who are getting out of fishing at the moment" and see no hope "as the government is giving the French everything they want".

Phill has fished out of Jersey for over 45 years and says he has always enjoyed making things out of metal as a hobby.

However, fishing will always be his one true passion, despite how frustrated he is with Jersey's government.

The island's external affairs minister has previously rejected claims that the government has been over-generous towards the French.