Jersey grants more licences to French fishing boats

French fishermen blockade Jersey's harbour in protest over fishing rights.
More than 100 permits have already been issued. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Three more French boats have been given permanent licences to fish in Jersey's waters.

New rules require French fishermen to prove they have a history of fishing in the island's waters in order to receive permits to carry on operating.

However, France says this is unfair as some boats do not have the computer equipment to supply the evidence needed.

The rules changed after the UK left the European Union.

Deputy John Young, Minister for the Environment, said: "We have always been clear that the process is based purely on data and evidence."

"Our door is always open to more evidence for vessels that currently have no licence, and new applications can be submitted at any time."

The head of the Jersey Fishermen's Association has previously blasted the government for handing out "too many" licences to French crews.

Don Thompson fears some fishermen in Jersey face "certain bankruptcy" unless the government stands firm against France, who have been threatening "retaliatory measures" in a bid to change the rules and secure more permits.

Well over 100 have already been issued by Jersey.