What you said: Mandatory face coverings remain 'on the table' in Guernsey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Islanders have been reacting to the news that face coverings could be made compulsory in Guernsey.

Chief Minister, Deputy Peter Ferbrache, says the move to make them mandatory is being considered "with real seriousness".

The warning follows a rise in coronavirus cases on the island and concern about the impact on Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

The island's Civil Contingencies Authority is unlikely to change the rules until after their next meeting on 16 November.

Here's what you said in response to the warning about face masks becoming mandatory:

Sally Ogier on Facebook said "It needs to be mandatory, there are not enough people wearing them."

Tony Wilson also commented: "Makes a complete farce of the vaccinations."

Lyn Merrien said: "Just been to town and so few masks in shops sad that folk can't be responsible and help the situation."

Alan Fox wrote: "Honestly it's no hardship whatsoever to wear a mask when out in public."

Luke Gaudion posted: "If they're going to make face masks mandatory and start introducing other restrictions, what was the point in getting vaccinated?"

Ian La Page added: "It's a real pain wearing a mask with glasses. They always steam up no matter what anybody says, so I will not wear one unless forced to, and then I will buy online even more to avoid going in to shops."