Deputy greffier by day, Guernsey goalkeeper by night

  • Report by ITV Channel's Keilan Webster

Jersey and Guernsey will resume rivalries this weekend in the first hockey inter-insular since March 2019.

Amongst all the players set to line up on Saturday 20 November, Guernsey goalkeeper Emma Atkinson may well have the biggest contrast between roles on and off the pitch.

She is a parliamentary officer and one of Her Majesty's Deputy Greffier's in Guernsey's government.

Emma has been playing hockey since she moved to Guernsey Grammar School at the age of 11.

Initially she started out as a defender before becoming a goalkeeper at 14.

This weekend she is set to play in her 20th inter-insular.

The women's game gets underway at 10:30am on Saturday 20 November with Jersey the reigning champions.

Guernsey hold the men's title after winning 3-1 in 2019. Their game begins at midday.