Islanders reminded to be safe and courteous to HGV drivers in Guernsey

This is the last event in the Road Safety Awareness week. Credit: PA Images

A road safety charity in Guernsey is raising awareness for Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers in the final event of Road Safety Week.

A demonstration is being held at the North Beach Car Park on Sunday 21 November between 9am and 2pm to highlight the importance of being respectful and courteous to other road users.

This specific session is focusing on HGV drivers.

Shaun Staples from Ferryspeed highlights some of the issues that are unique to the islands lorry drivers:

  • Narrow roads making it harder to pass other road users

  • The high weight on the vehicles mean the speeds are set slow but it creates a problem for the space maintained at the front of the vehicle

  • A lot of stop and start scenarios such as traffic lights and pedestrian crossings

  • Being unaware of bigger blind spots on lagers vehicles

  • The use of hi-visibility and good lighting is essential to make sure that you can be seen