Guernsey Ofsted inspections postponed due to Covid-19

Credit ITV Channel TV
Credit: ITV Channel TV

External inspections carried out in Guernsey schools are being postponed until the new year to help staff keep schools open as coronavirus cases rise.

The island's Committee for Education, Sport & Culture says the measure is temporary, and has been introduced to allow staff to focus on managing the impact of Covid-19 on pupils' education.

It comes days after it was confirmed that Ofsted would be carrying out the inspections under a framework developed alongside the Committee, with the aim of commencing before the end of the year.

However, the Committee says allowing the inspections to go ahead under the current circumstances would put too much pressure on schools if they are selected, adding that it would create challenges if the inspectors could not get access to staff as part of the process.

Deputy Dudley Owen says her Committee remains 'committed' to a new inspection framework getting underway once the situation has settled.

Guernsey's Director of Education thanked staff for their 'commitment and creative problem-solving' during the pandemic, but added that they continue to face real pressures.