Student calls for more exam board support after Covid-19 disruption

Credit: PA

There are calls for exam boards to provide more support to students who missed out on completing their exams due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Current Year 13 students will be the first to sit their final exams without having gone through the same process at GCSE and AS Level.

17-year-old Jersey student Luke Osborn will shortly be sitting his A Levels but says he will feel underprepared for the high-pressure situation he will face when he takes his seat in the exam hall.

Luke Osborn fears he is being disadvantaged as he heads towards his A Level exams. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Statistics from the NSPCC suggest the pandemic has taken a toll on students' mental wellbeing, with the service delivering more than 2,000 counselling sessions with young people in the UK who were concerned about their exams.

In Jersey, specialists say they too have seen an increase in the levels of exam-related anxiety they are providing support for.

In the classroom, learning has been impacted by lockdowns and self-isolation for both students and staff.

The past 18 months have seen three politicians take on the brief of Education in Jersey.

ITV News has repeatedly approached the current Education Minister, Deputy Scott Wickenden, for comment but he was unavailable for interview

In a statement, he said it is 'understandable' that there is anxiety among A Level students about their exams, steps are being taken to prevent any negative repercussions - but urged anyone who has concerns to speak to their school or college.

According to Ofqual, results will remain higher than in pre-pandemic years, as a reflection of the current circumstances.