Financial support for Jersey's fishing industry extended

Fishing boats in St Helier's main harbour
Credit: ITV Channel TV

A financial support scheme to support Jersey's fishing industry has been extended until the end of the year.

Businesses will be able to claim fixed costs and salary support from the government until 31 December 2021. Up to £400,000 in funding is available.

It comes as tensions continue to bubble between Jersey and France over the issue of access to the island's waters post-Brexit, with French boats planning blockades of key ports to disrupt trade between France and Jersey and the UK.

The government says the scheme aims to support the industry through a period of uncertainty around exports and ensure it remains a 'viable and sustainable' sector of the island's economy.

The money to continue the scheme has been made available by the Treasury, after funds remained unspent from the first phase of funding which ended in August 2021.

Around £120,000 was paid out to businesses in the sector in the first phase. 18 businesses claimed salary support while seven were given support for their fixed costs.