Guernsey grants dozens of licences to French fishing crews

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey has granted permits to 40 French fishing crews so they can carry on operating in the island's waters after 31 January.

The new permits will become mandatory on 1 February.

Three more are expected to be issued in the coming days, while 15 have been rejected.

New permit rules had to be brought in following the UK's exit from the EU.

The island's external relations minister says Brexit means the Bailiwick is "starting to exercise the power and control over our territorial waters which we were not able to exercise in the same way when the UK was a member of the EU."

Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq adds that he is looking forward to continuing to work with France on other projects, including "a possible direct electricity connection between Guernsey and France".

Unlike Jersey, Guernsey has not been affected by blockades and protests by French fishermen who have previously threatened to cut off the island's electrical supply.